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    MNFL is very excited to announce that we will move forward with our FALL season 2020! We have been meeting with our board and watching communication around the Football community. We completely understand the fears we are all facing during this pandemic and we are listening to all of our parents concerns. One main concern we can all agree on is that our children need to do something in our community!

    MNFL is taking all precautions that are recommended to keep us all safe. Over the next few days we will be sharing our safety protocols with all of our parents. 

    FALL 2020 registration is now open for Flag Football ages 4-17
    Flag Football registration is $115
    Tot Ball registration is $89
    Fall Practices are expected to start the week of August 30th
    FALL games expected to start September 19th
    All coaches will be required to wear a mask on the field
    Each team will be required to have a parent on the sideline with a mask 
    Each referee will be required to wear a mask
    Parents near the end zones will be required to wear a mask
    MNFL will also set up safety zones away from the field where masks will not be required

    To ensure the safety of all players, MNFL will be capping the rosters.

    MNFL will also need the help of volunteer coaches.

    For all questions, please contact Lisa with MNFL at or 484-479-4386


    Good afternoon Parents and Players,

    We hope this email finds you well with everything that has been going on the past few days.

    MNFL is sure you have been watching all the daily updates from the State and National level.

    MNFL Spring season was scheduled to start on 3/28 with our Spring Combine then kick off our Spring 1 session. As you are all aware, all of our events and seasons are on MNSD property. With all school districts closed, MNFL is not allowed to be on property. We agree that if there are closures for the safety of our community, then we need to follow suit. 

    At this time, MNFL will pause our Spring season. As soon as the schools open, we will be meeting with facilities to ensure we can still have access to fields and start our season. As soon as we receive this confirmation, we will let our MNFL community know.

    Enjoy this time with your family, if there is anything MNFL can assist you with, please contact us immediately. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Jackominic (

    Thank you
    MNFL Staff


    DETAILS: Event to kick off Spring Flag Football. Open to ages 3-17. Players will be set up by age group and have a chance to workout with our coaches

    MNFL Spring Combine - March 28th 10am

    Location: Russell Elementary School


    The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

    Sponsored by SPLASH


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    Thank you to SPLASH for sponsoring MNFL 2020 Season!

    Sponsored by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Urgent Cares

    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Urgent Cares

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    MNFL greatly appreciates Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Urgent Cares for their 2020 MNFL Sponsorship. 

    For more information, please visit

    Battle of Philadelphia Tournament (MNFL 10U and 12U)

    Save the Date Spring 2020


    Hello All,

    We would like to thank all of you for your attention to our MNFL launch of the Play 60 NFL flag football program. With the growing attention it’s now time to let everyone know how this works.

    This is a Flag Football league not affiliated with any of the local tackle organizations. This is purely another option for our children. 

    Let's talk about the teams; all Teams will be made up of 8-10 players. Each player will receive a reversible NFL team Jersey and a set of Flags.

    NFL flag rules recommend there are 5 players on the field for each team. This allows for maximum participation for our children. 

    Practice will be held twice a week for approx. 1hr to 1.5 hrs. (this will be at the coach’s discretion)

    Games will be held on Saturday where each team will have a scheduled doubleheader. The games will be 45 minutes broken into 2 twenty-minute halves with a 5 minute half time. All team will have 15 minutes warm up on assigned field.

    The intensity on a Saturday watching all ages play on our allotted side by side fields is unmatched. 

    I hope this answers some of the questions floating around, if not please inquire within.

    This will be an amazing experience for you and your child(ren). Regardless of their age or their skill level, there will be more than enough opportunity to enjoy.

    I would like to invite you all to do your research. These leagues are trending across the country with hundreds of thousands of children learning the technique and fundamentals prior to strapping the pads on and buckling a chin strap. Don’t stay away, join in on the EXCITEMENT.

    We would also like to present- DELCO ELITE FLAG FOOTBALL PROGRAM, Powered and supported by Marple Newtown Football League!

    DELCO Elite is for all communities! DE allows us to help bring out our kids, their friends and families to join our teams. As we all know Delaware County is one of the most unique counties around, Let's bring us all together. 



    Sponsorship / Donation

    Want to become a sponsor? MNFL-Delco Elite would love to have your business as a sponsor for our 2019-2020 season. Email us today for more information. You may also follow the above link and submit a donation so MNFL-Delco Elite can assist any family interested in playing this season.


    Go view MNFL Delco Elite Flag Football FAQ and Policy for up to date season questions.

    Our Fields

    All games will be played at Marple Newtown High School fields. 

    Lisa Jackominic

    Lisa Jackominic

    League Coordinator

    Phone: 484-842-1683

    Jim Jackominic

    Jim Jackominic

    League Commissioner